By using Lava in every design, we harness the heat of the earth to create gorgeous accessories that diffuse our divine Hot Scents™.

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Jackie Shapiro, the founder of Hot Rocks Jewels, has always been creative. Just ask her mom about the time she painted a mermaid on the side of her car or stood on the roof to decorate the house with a mural of sunflowers. As a former art teacher, her journey to jewelry began as a hobby and grew into a unique and compelling passion.  After having children, Jackie understood the value of multi-tasking products and determined there was a need for fashionable jewelry that would not only look great but help the wearer to feel great.

After much consideration and research, Jackie decided that the foundation for her jewelry line would be Lava stone which is one of the most abundant and powerful stones on Earth. Not only is the matte surface of Lava uniquely beautiful, but its porous nature is ideal for diffusing a scent. This was the spark that began Hot Rocks Scent Therapy Jewels.
As a female-owned company, we are dedicated to delivering rejuvenation from the stressors of everyday life by offering beautiful accessories that become personal diffusers. All made right here in Los Angeles with sunshine and girl power!


Why does Hot Rocks Jewels™ use LAVA?

Lava is porous by nature, which makes it a perfect medium for diffusing our oil blends. Lava begins as mineral-rich, molten magma from the core of the Earth.  It can take a meandering or explosive journey to the surface where it cools and hardens. Lava rock has been used for centuries and by many cultures for its balancing, protective and healing properties. From an aesthetic point of view, we find the matte finish of Lava to pleasingly counterbalance the shine of gems and metals. Whatever is designed around it visually comes alive.

How are Hot Scents™ chosen/created?

Our Hot Rocks team custom blends botanical, fragrance and essential oils to create our unique Scent-sational experience. All scents are nut free and we are happy to provide samples with your order.

How do I apply my Hot Scents™ oil to Hot Rocks jewelry?

Hot Scents oils are highly concentrated so you can enjoy scent-therapy once it has absorbed into the Lava beads. To apply oil to your jewelry, simply roll or dab the desired amount of oil onto the porous Lava beads. The beads naturally soak up the oil, creating a personal diffuser that will last 3-5 days. If you are concerned about reactions with your skin please wait until the oil is fully absorbed. Reapply as needed.

Can I change the scent of the Lava beads once they are scented?

Yes! Simply rinse the Lava beads in mild soapy water and let them dry.  Repeat until no scent is detected.

Where does the Lava come from?

Our Lava is sourced from sustainable flows around the world. The proper hardness needs to be achieved in order to make stable beads. Some of the best Lava for jewelry-making currently comes from the “Ring of Fire” along the edges of the Pacific Ocean.

What makes Hot Rocks Jewels different from other aromatherapy jewelry?

Our designer, Jackie Shapiro, has been designing jewelry since 1999 and her creations have been sold in Bloomingdales, Anthropologie, Nordstrom and a myriad of boutiques. For Hot Rocks, she works closely with family run factories in Nepal and India that make exclusive pieces for us to incorporate. This gives Hot Rocks a uniqueness that makes it stand out, and its quality will stand the test of time.

What are the benefits to diffusing through jewelry?

There are many benefits! A scent will last substantially longer inside of the Lava than it would on skin. If you regularly scent your Lava rocks with the same Hot Scents oil, it will emit for months. Since the oil does not come in contact with skin, it is an ideal way for people with sensitivities to wear a scent.  Also, you can take your Hot Rocks anywhere and reap the benefits without affecting anyone else’s airspace! The Lava stones on our jewelry do not come pre-scented, so you can customize your Hot Rocks Jewels with ANY oil or fragrance.

How often does Hot Rocks Jewels introduce new items?

We love sourcing new and interesting materials to work with, and each Hot Rocks collection will be shown seasonally at national wholesale venues. Because of this, our collections will always reflect current colors and trends while staying true to our boho luxe roots.

What do I do if there is a problem with my jewelry?

We hope you love your Hot Rocks Jewels as much as we do! We do our best to ensure our jewelry is handled with care, but sometimes accidents happen in transit. If your jewelry arrives and it is not as expected, please reach out to us! We want all of our customers to be extremely satisfied with our products and to know we care about the quality of what you receive.

How do I become a wholesaler with Hot Rocks Jewels™?

If you are interested in selling Hot Rocks Jewels, please email us at info@hotrocksjewels. Send us a little introduction about your boutique or business, and we will send you information on our policies. Once approved, you will get a private login that will provide access to wholesale pricing. We would love to work with you! Orders can generally be completed in 10 days.


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“I am often running events that require unique and special gifts to be successful.  When I discovered Hot Rocks Jewels, I was hooked!! The pieces are exceptional and the scents are high-end.  It is a combination that has raised the bar on my personal gift-giving as well.”

Stephanie Nortman

"I have been a huge fan of Jackie and her Hot Rocks Jewelry line ever since I saw her stunning gorgeousness wearing her own designs. I own many of her pieces and am wearing her cross necklace on my new CBS series Blood And Treasure. I will continue to collect Jackie's timeless and striking pieces to add to my ever growing Hot Rocks Family of fabulousness."

Alicia Coppola

“I was a fan of Hot Rocks before I became the face of their Men’s line.  The roughness of the Lava has a cool, masculine edge. The Earth + Wood synergy blend reminds me of camping and fishing with my Dad.”

Charles Townsend


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