Amethyst Collar Pendant - THE DOGLERY COLLECTION



Amethyst Gemstone with grounding LAVA, and our favorite SMOKE OIL for a soothing experience and an amazing smelling pooch!

Simply clip the pendant onto your pup's existing collar or add our Lava Dog Necklace to your order for an extra posh look.

Want to match your furbaby? Check these matching human accessories:

Men's Amethyst Pathfinder Bracelet

Luxe Lava Amethyst Bracelet

Amethyst Lava Anklet


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“I am often running events that require unique and special gifts to be successful.  When I discovered Hot Rocks Jewels, I was hooked!! The pieces are exceptional and the scents are high-end.  It is a combination that has raised the bar on my personal gift-giving as well.”

Stephanie Nortman

"I have been a huge fan of Jackie and her Hot Rocks Jewelry line ever since I saw her stunning gorgeousness wearing her own designs. I own many of her pieces and am wearing her cross necklace on my new CBS series Blood And Treasure. I will continue to collect Jackie's timeless and striking pieces to add to my ever growing Hot Rocks Family of fabulousness."

Alicia Coppola

“I was a fan of Hot Rocks before I became the face of their Men’s line.  The roughness of the Lava has a cool, masculine edge. The Earth + Wood synergy blend reminds me of camping and fishing with my Dad.”

Charles Townsend


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